How to say it in Hungarian? / Hogy mondjuk magyarul?

The How to Say it in Hungarian? English–Hungarian conversation pocket book helps even those with only a basic foundation in Hungarian in finding the essential sentences, phrases and expressions used in daily life.
ISBN: 9789634093794
Page: 130
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2023
Format: Book
Language: Hungarian

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The book provides guidance in all relevant speech situations. The Conversation part contains typical sentences and often-used expressions for everyday subjects in English and Hungarian, broken down into 16 topics. Besides accommodation, shopping, eating, leisure and the weather, the book also lists modern phrases and sentences related to the internet and electronic payment. Readers can make use of a table on Hungarian pronunciation.
This English–Hungarian phrase book and conversation guide is primarily intended for visitors from English-speaking countries. It also comes in handy for those looking to work in Hungary for a longer period.


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