Babar and Father Christmas

Babar, the King of the Elephants, sets out to find Father Christmas and bring him back to visit the children of the Elephants' country.
ISBN: 9780375814440
Author: Jean de Brunhoff
Page: 48
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2001
Format: Book+CD-ROM
Language: English

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Babar’s children have caught wind of a fellow in Man’s country named Father Christmas who brings joy and toys to little children. 'If only we could bring him here,' they wish. So they write the Christmas saint a letter inviting him to visit them. When they get no reply, Babar, ever the good father, rushes out to find the red-suited one. After much searching, Babar reaches Father Christmas’s workshop in the snow. Can Babar find a way to bring him to Elephants’ country?


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