Jo Nesbo: Cockroaches

Harry Hole is back in a gripping twist-packed read.
ISBN: 9780099590323
Author: Jo Nesbo
Page: 437
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2014
Format: Book
Language: English

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Price: 2 695 Ft

Stock: 1-10 copies


HARRY IS ON SPECIAL MISSION Detective Harry Hole arrives in a steaming hot Bangkok. The Norwegian ambassador has been found dead in a seedy motel room, and Harry has been sent to investigate. It's clear that the Ambassador's family are hiding some secrets of their own, but few people are willing to talk.
HE NEEDS TO SOLVE A CRIME AND AVOID A SCANDAL When Harry lays hands on some incriminating CCTV footage, things only get more complicated. The man who gave him the tape goes missing, and Harry realisesthat failing to solve a murder case is by no means the only danger that faces the unwary.


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