Sheri Van Dijk: Calming the Emotional Storm

When you have difficulties managing your emotions, it can feel like you’re losing control of your whole life.
ISBN: 9781608820870
Author: Sheri Van Dijk
Page: 172
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2012
Format: Book
Language: English

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Anger, hurt, grief, worry, and other intense feelings can be overwhelming, and how you react to these emotions can impact your ability to maintain relationships, succeed at work, or even think straight! If you find it difficult to understand, express, and process intense emotions—and most of us do—this book is for you.

Calming the Emotional Storm is your guide to coping with difficult emotions calmly and responsibly by using powerful skills from dialectical behavior therapy. This method combines cognitive behavioral techniques with mindfulness practices to change the way you respond to stressful situations. By practicing these skills, you can stop needless emotional suffering and develop the inner resilience that will help you weather any emotionalstorm.


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