Lonely Planet - Epic Snow Adventures of the World

Shred the snow with this thrilling collection of 200 epic winter adventures around the world.
ISBN: 9781838696030
Page: 320
Binding: Hard cover
Publication date: 2023
Format: Book
Language: English

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Zip down the iconic Canadian Rockies or visit Sweden's original ice hotel for an arctic sleepover - with 50 first-person stories from travellers and famous figures like Arianna Tricomi and Bode Miller, you'll find inspiration for a lifetime of snowy trips.

Scale majestic frozen waterfalls in Colorado; hike Australia's infamous snow-covered Mt Feathertop for wild views of the sunrise; experience husky sledding in the Chilean Lake District; or take the plunge in one of Finland's icy outdoor pools. Whether you're a seasoned winter explorer or a deep-freeze newbie, you'll find expert tips and practical information including when to go and where to stay, to help make planning your trip as smooth as the ski runs in Val d'Isere.


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