Teach Yourself - Get Started in Arabic from Beginner to Level 3 Book with Audio online

Teach Yourself takes the pain out of picking up the Arabic language Get Started in Arabic requires no prior experience in the language and gives you the opportunity to study at a reasonable, steady pace.
ISBN: 9781444174960
Szerző: Frances Altorfer, Mairi Smart
Oldalszám: 179
Kötés: Puhakötés
Sorozat: Teach Yourself
Kiadás éve: 2013
Formátum: Könyv + Online Hanganyag
Szint: A1-B1
Nyelv: arab

Értékelés(Még nem érkezett értékelés.)

Ár: 16 695 Ft

Készlet: 1-10 darab


This course makes the process nearly painless--it is written in a friendly and supportive tone, and the structure offers you plenty of opportunities for self-practice. You are in control of your learning experience, so you never feel overwhelmed or rushed.
This practical course introduces the new language without inundating you and includes dialogues and exercises, a helpful pronunciation section, manageable lists of practical vocabulary, and more. The audio package features 120 minutes of recordings,enhancing your comprehension of the book's dialogues and exercises and improving your pronunciation.
Lots of instant help with common problems and quick tips for success, based on the authors' many years of experience
Tests in the book to keep track of your progress


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