LanguageCert Practice Tests C2 Mastery Class Audio CDs (3)

LanguageCert ESOL C2 - Mastery is aimed at learners of the English language at CEFR level C2 preparing for the LanguageCert examinations at the same level of difficulty.
ISBN: 9781471568558
Author: Jenny Dooley
Publication date: 2018
Format: Audio CD
Level: C2
Language: English

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Key Features:
• The Student's Book consists of six (6) practice tests written in the same format as the examination itself.
• The Teacher's Book contains answers to all exercises in the Reading and Listening sections, suggested model answers for the Writing sections and the Speaking sections, as well as audioscripts.
• The Class Audio CDs contain all the recordings for the listening sections in a variety of accents.


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