Diana Henry: Roast Figs, Sugar Snow: Food to warm the soul

Roast Figs, Sugar Snow has been in my kitchen since the day I first opened it.
ISBN: 9781783255702
Author: Diana Henry
Page: 208
Binding: Hard cover
Publication date: 2023
Format: Book
Publisher: ASTER
Language: English

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Here is a book that celebrates not only the ingredients of the winter shopping bag, the pumpkins and pomegranates, chestnuts and soft, sweet spices, but the heart and soul of the season. Each paragraph is a carol to what makes the cooking of the cold months something to cherish. - Nigel Slater.
Coming soon from the critically acclaimed, multi-award-winning, Sunday Times bestselling author Diana Henry, her classic cookbook Roast Figs Sugar Snow, revisited, revised and refreshed nearly 20 years after its first publication, with a new foreword by Nigel Slater and seven new recipes.


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