John Green: Turtles All the Way Down

A perfect coming-of-age novel filled with love, mystery and Star Wars fan-fiction.
ISBN: 9780141346045
Author: John Green
Page: 320
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2018
Format: Book
Publisher: PENGUIN
Language: English
Ages: 14-18 years

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Price: 3 375 Ft

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Aza's life is filled with complications.

Living with anxiety and OCD is enough but when Daisy, her Best and Most Fearless Friend, brings her on a mission to find a fugitive billionaire things are about to get even more complicated.

To find RussellPickett, Aza must enter the world of his geeky, but maybe kind-of-cute son, Davis.

But the chances of a first kiss, and maybe even a first love, could send Aza into a spiral of anxiety...


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