Philippa Gregory: The Virgin's Lover

Sumptuous historical novel from bestselling author of THE OTHER BOLEYN GIRL and THE QUEEN'S FOOL Elizabeth I has acceded to the throne of England, a position she has waited and schemed for all her life.
ISBN: 9780007147311
Author: Philippa Gregory
Page: 486
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2007
Format: Book
Language: English

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She is surrounded by advisers, all convinced that a young woman cannot form political judgements. Elizabeth feels that she can rely on just one man: her oldest friend, Robert Dudley. It is soon plain that he is more than merely a friend. In a house in the countryside waits a very different woman, Amy Robsart a?? Roberta??s wife. She has no taste for life at court and longs for the day when her husband will return home.


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