Anthony Clifton: BIGPOX

The unimaginable happens... An anti-American group of fundamentalist extremists within Saudi intelligence plans and executes the introduction of a contagious and incurable virus into the United States.
ISBN: 9781418440077
Author: Anthony Clifton
Page: 312
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2004
Format: Book
Language: English

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Two weeks elapse before anyone sees clearly what has happened ... but by then it is too late. Innocent carriers of the virus have already spread it out into their various communities. Bigpox is unleashed ... with terrible consequences. The same fundamentalists assassinate thousands of members of the Saudi royal family at one stroke, this time with a fast-acting virus. Oil flows to the United States are stopped immediately, with one exception. A fundamentalist general from Malaysia now enters the stage.He is appointed to lead a United Nations force 'to restore order' in the United States, now that every part of its infrastructure is collapsing because of the silent but raging bigpox virus. The general's personal ambition - to control the United Statesand secure his immortal place in history - far exceeds his stated military mission and his religious zeal. At the eleventh hour, a small group of fiercely determined Americans brings an end to the general's regime and the country begins to get back on it


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