Fredrik Backman: Britt-Marie Was Here

At first sight, Britt-Marie is a passive-aggressive, socially awkward, absurdly pedantic busybody, who has more imagination, bigger dreams and a warmer heart than anyone around her realizes.
ISBN: 9781473617230
Author: Fredrik Backman
Page: 312
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2016
Format: Book
Publisher: SCEPTRE
Language: English

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So when Britt-Marie finds herself unemployed, separated from her husband of 20 years, left to fend for herself in the miserable provincial backwater that is Borg - of which the kindest thing one can say is that it has a road going through it - and somehow tasked with running the local football team, she is a little unprepared. But she will learn that life may have more to offer her that she's ever realised, and love might be found in the most unexpected of places.


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