William Shakespeare: The Merchant of Venice (Collins Classroom Classics)

This edition of The Merchant of Venice is perfect for GCSE-level and A-level students, with the complete play in an accessible format, on-page notes, introduction setting the context, timeline, character and theme indexes.
ISBN: 9780008363635
Author: William Shakespeare
Page: 214
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2020
Format: Book
Publisher: COLLINS
Language: English

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Price: 995 Ft

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Affordable high quality complete play for The Merchant of Venice, ideal for GCSE 9-1 and Cambridge A Level
• Demystify vocabulary with notes on the page and concise commentary
• Set the scene with perfectly pitched introductions that introduce key contexts, concerns and stylistic features, and examine different performances and interpretations
• Recall plot summaries at the beginning of each scene
• Support GCSE and A level revision and essay writing with theme and character indexes
• Help students with social, historical and literary context with the bespoke timeline of Shakespeare’s life and times


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