David Ignatius: The Director

A Man with Something to ChangeGraham Weber, the new director of the CIA, is tasked with revolutionising an agency in crisis. Never intimidated by a challenge, Weber intends to do just that.
ISBN: 9780857385154
Author: David Ignatius
Page: 376
Binding: Soft cover
Publication date: 2015
Format: Book
Publisher: QUERCUS
Language: English

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A hacker with something to expose: Weber's task greatens when a young computer genius approaches the CIA with proof their systems have been compromised. There is a breach. There is a mole. A woman with something to prove: The agent who takes this walk-in is K. J. Sandoval - a frustrated yet ambitious base chief desperate to prove her worth to the agency and its new director.
Weber must move quickly. And he must choose his allies carefully, if he is to succeed in identifying an enemy that is inside thegates, and out to destroy him.


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